Welcome to my Website! You may be wondering, why am I doing this? or why am I in this? Well, I want to stop poverty, poverty... whats poverty? Poverty is where a group/family is working hard just to survive the night, morning, even from people! Can you believe it?! People are living on the streets, forests, even poor lands! You in luck living in a room with a bed, clean water, and better food but people in poverty has to sleep on floors, dirty water, and eat one bowl of rice! Just Stop, don't move turn your head what do you see? Look back here and imagine living in a Mud made home with no windows, no bed nothing. Just a empty old room, now get out of the moment.

Listen, Learn, Understand, Why can't you see that the world is changing?

But remeber that you have 3 easy step to make the world a better place!

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